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Cairo is a mainspring for the noblest efforts aimed at peace among all nations and aspiring to the benefit of all mankind. To understand the secret of Cairo's magnetism and to appreciate the spirit of this living entity one must travel back in time some fifty centuries to imagine the birth of this radiant city that abounds in the splendors of the Pharaohs, the earliest achievements of Christianity, and the glories of Islam.

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Alexandria, the most wonderful city on the Mediterranean sea where Alexander the Great built his city to become the shining pearl of the region. Here you can visit the Jewelry Museum housing the invaluable Mohamed Ali family collection. Visit Montaza Palace Gardens with its numerous palm trees where the Palace of former King Farouk is situated. Visit the Roman Theater and the Greco-Roman Museum, where a large variety of Ptolemaic, Roman and Christian artifacts are on display.

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This area is really dominated by the Luxor/Karnak/Thebes open-air museum, filled with awe inspiring monuments of ancient civilization as well as some of the best preserved. Thebes was the capital of Egypt during the New Kingdom, Thebes was described by Homer as "the hundred-gated city. " Its later name, al-Uqsur, means "City of the Palaces".

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This area of Egypt enjoys a very rich history and a central role in Egypt's development. There are hundreds of historical sites including some of Egypt's most important monuments. Beginning at Aswan, this area stretches south and includes Lake Nasser. Historical sites may be found in and about Aswan, as well as south along the coast of Lake Nasser.

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Sharm El-Sheikh

At the southern, top, situated between the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba, Sharm, El Sheikh has some of the finest snorkeling and diving sites in the world. It is also popular for its weather, fishing, diving and pure relaxation. Shark El Sheikh is also noted for its sulphur springs which are considered cures for those suffering from rheumatic and skin diseases. 5days/4nights on Half board basis.

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