E01 The Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum is the most important depository of Egyptian antiquities anywhere in the world. It features artifacts from the pharaonic and Greco-Roman periods, including the celebrated mummies of ancient Egyptian kings and queens, as well as the world famous Tutankhmen’s treasures. Half day excursion (from Cairo)


E02 The Pyramids and the Sphinx of Giza

The Pyramids of Cheops, Chephren and Mycrinus were reckoned by the Greeks to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World. A single pyramid is built with 2.300.000 blocks each weighing an average of two and one-half tons. In the face of such immensity, one cannot help but feel the wonder and awe that so many writers and artists have sought to convey over the centuries. The Cheops Pyramid is especially interesting, since its interior burial chambers are open for inspection by the public. Not far from the Pyramids is the great Sphinx of Giza which dates from the time of Chephren (2620 BC). Hewn from natural yellowish limestone and standing 65 feet high and 187 feet long, this unforgettable statue combines the head of a Pharaoh with a lion’s body. Half day excursion (from Cairo)



E03 The Saladin Citadel

Situated on a spur of Muqattam hills, the Citadel dominates Cairo’s skyline and it was the nerve center of the city and Egypt for almost 700 years. Its construction was initiated in 1776 by Saladin and completed by Mohammed Ali in the 1820’s. It is rich and varied in history, including the mameluke massacre during the rule of Mohammed Ali. The Coptic Museum, located in the historically oldest part of Cairo, is built on the site of the Roman fortress of Babylon, constructed about 30 BC under Augustus and rebuilt in the time of Trajan. Inside the fortress are several Coptic churches and the richest collection of Coptic art in the world. Half day excursion (from Cairo)


E04 Khan el Khalili Bazaar

Khan El Khalili is one of the finest examples of a traditional oriental bazaar. Dating back to the late 14th century it is still full of life in small shops and cafe-houses, filled with the irresistible smell of oriental spices. Half day excursion (from Cairo)


E05 Memphis and Sakkara

Memphis served as the capital of upper and lower Egypt some 5.000 years. Aged first dynasty, Mena, the first Pharaoh of this dynasty, built a great white-walled palace and the temple of Ptah. One of the most exciting historical and archaeological areas all over Egypt is Sakkara, situated about 12 miles southwest of Cairo. The site is dominated by the famous step pyramid of King Zoser. It was the first Pyramid to be built in ancient Egypt, preceding those at Giza by many centuries; it is the work of the famous pharaonic architect Imhotep. Half day excursion (from Cairo)


E06 Old Cairo

You will visit Al-Mo'alaqa Church, built in the fifth century over the Southern gate of Fort of Babylon, the basilical style church of Al-Mo'alaqa is rich antiquities from the early Christian era. And also visit the basilica church of Abu Serga was constructed above the cave in which the Holy Family took refuge. The Ben Ezra Synagogue stands in a pleasant shady garden in the centre of Cairo. Its long existence is attested to by the accounts of many travelers who visited it over the centuries, including Benjamin of Tudela in the 13th century, who records that he saw the torah of Ezra- the Scribe there. The first Jewish synagogue was destroyed when the Romans occupied Egypt and was later rebuilt by Abraham Ben Ezra, the chif rabbi of gazelle skin dating from the 5th century B.C, a drawing of a seven-branched candelabra on deer skin, and the manuscript known as the "Atlas of Moses". Half day excursion (from Cairo)

E07 Museum & Pyramids

 Full day excursion (from Cairo)



E08 Egyptian Museum, Citadel & Khan El Khalili

Full day excursion (from Cairo)


E09 Pyramids, Memphis & Sakkara

Full day excursion (from Cairo)


E10 Sound and Light at the Pyramids

This fantastic show plays light and shadow over the pyramids , as a voice from the Sphinx relates the story of the ancient days of the pharaohs with accompanying sound and spectacular visual show. Performances are given in various languages, depending on the time and the day of the show. Show & Transportation (from Cairo)


E11 Dinner Cruise & Oriental Show

You can enjoy a typical Egyptian dinner at a riverboat on the Nile. The evening includes a transportation (from Cairo)



E12 Classical sights of Alexandria

 Including guidance and admission fees to Greece-Roman Museum, Catacombs and Pompey’s Pillar. Half-day excursion (from Cairo)

E13 Orientation tour of Alexandria

 Including admission fees to Montaza Park, Aquarium, Fortress and Mosque. Half-day excursion (from Cairo)




E14 Full day tour in Alexandria

Including guidance and admission fees to sites mention in tour number E11 & E12. Full day excursion (from Cairo)


All above tours (E01 – E14) including (Min 02 Persons)

1- Transportation by A/C bus

2- Entrance fees

3- English Speaking guide.


1- Lunch in Cairo which is p.p 7.00 US$
2- Lunch in Alexandria which is p.p 10.00 US$


E15 Over day Luxor

 To visit East and West Banks.   Full day excursion



E16 Over day Aswan

 To visit High Dam, unfinished Obelisk, Elephantine and Kitchener Island and Philae temple.    Full day excursion


Above tours (E15 + E16) including (Min 10 Persons)

1- Entrance fees

2- English Speaking guide

3- Transfers Airport / Tour / Airport


1- Domestic air ticket (Cairo/Luxor/Cairo or Cairo/Aswan/Cairo)                

2- Lunch.


E17 5 Days / 4 Nights Nile Cruise

To Board a Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan or V.V. with visiting Luxor "East and West Banks", Edfu, Kom Ombo and Aswan with full board accommodation at 5 Star Nile Cruise.

5Days/4Nights with tours

Above tour (E17) including 

1- Accommodation per person in double cabin 4 nights at 5 Star Nile cruise based on full board (B.L.D)

2- Tours in Luxor, Edfu, Kom Ombo and Aswan with Entrance fees on board.

3- English Speaking guide

4- Transfers Airport / Cruise / Airport



1- Domestic air ticket (Cairo/Luxor - Aswan/Cairo or V.V.)

2- All extra.

3- Tips.


E18 2 Nights Luxor & 1 Night Aswan

 Luxor.. Nowhere else in the world has such wealth of antiquities of mankind been preserved as it has been in Luxor. This ancient city is part of old "Thebes the Hundred Gates" which welcomed visitors from all the country of the ancient world. Having conquered Egypt, the Arabs bemused by its tall buildings and impressive temples called it "El-Qusur" meaning "The Castles". Located 670 km south of Cairo, Luxor still attracts thousands of visitors, from east and west alike who come to admire its vestiges. Each step they take covers a historic era, each stone recalls a legend. Named by the Greek poet Homer "Thebes the Thousand Gates", Luxor was the centre of power for almost 1500 years. Luxor which means in Arabic "The Palaces" reflects its rich array of magnificent temples and tombs. Within the confines of Luxor are some of the grandest monuments of the ancient world. On the East Bank are the splendid temples of Luxor and Karnak. An overwhelming array of complex gateways, ruined temples, ancient chapels, gigantic columns and extraordinary tribute to the ancient Egyptians. On the West Bank, is the Valley of the Kings and Valley of Queens. Aswan is Egypt's premier winter resort (10 to 24 ºC) offering a delightful, natural beauty, a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere with a warm and dry climate. A wide variety of ancient monuments and the peaceful beauty of the countryside draw visitors here throughout the winter months. Lying 899 km south of Cairo, it has long been known as the "gate of Africa". Much of its charms come from the Nile River, which runs through it, as well as from a number of small lush islands in the Nile; such as the Elephantine Island. It is considered one of the oldest inhabited places in Aswan, a center of worship during the Pharaonic era. South of Aswan stands the High Dam, one of the world's outstanding engineering features in this century. Its construction in the early 1960's created an enormous reservoir, Lake Nasser, the largest artificial lake in the world. 2nights Luxor / 1night Aswan on breakfast basis.


Above tour (E18) including

1- Accommodation per person in double room 2 nights in Luxor and 1 night at 5 Star hotels based on breakfast.

2- Tours in Luxor and Aswan with Entrance fees.

3- English Speaking guide

4- Transfers Airport / hotel / Airport



1- Domestic air ticket (Cairo/Luxor/Aswan/Cairo)

2- All extra.

3- Tips.


E19 5 Days / 4 Nights Sharm El Sheikh

At the southern, top, situated between the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba, Sharm, El Sheikh has some of the finest snorkeling and diving sites in the world. It is also popular for its weather, fishing, diving and pure relaxation. Shark El Sheikh is also noted for its sulphur springs which are considered cures for those suffering from rheumatic and skin diseases.

5days/4nights on Half board basis.


Above tour (E19) including

1- Accommodation per person 4 nights 5 Star hotel based on half board(B.D.).

2- Transfers Airport / hotel / Airport



1- Domestic air ticket (Cairo/Sharm El Sheikh/Cairo)

2- All extra.

3- Tips.